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About Us

Sandlot Medical is a small business that provides non-medicinal pain management, rehabilitation, and mental health solutions.
We are passionate about enhancing the lives of veterans with top of the line drug free products and providing exceptional (home run) service.
We are contracted vendors with the VAMC hospitals, looking to spread awareness about the tools available for veterans through their VA benefits.


  • Veterans: How to Get Sandlot Medical Products through the VA
  • Product Catalog
  • Alpha-Stim Brochure to share with your provider/ therapist
  • Instructional Videos


Alpha-Stim a clinically proven, drug free treatment for anxiety, insomnia and depression.
Veteran using his UpWalker to be able to walk a longer distance without tiring as easily.
The MiTouch offers a portable treatment for pain and muscle symptoms.
MiTouch with KorShoe attachment to treat neuropathy symptoms.
MiTouch with KorGlov attachment to treat painful arthritis in the hand.