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Youth for Troops is a youth-led nonprofit 501 (c)(3) that serves veterans, service members, and their families by offering family-friendly, patriotic community service projects.Youth for Troops hopes that this generation will develop a respect and appreciation for those that protect our liberties and freedoms through meaningful experiences and unique service opportunities. Their mission is “To inspire patriotism in fellow youth and across generations by volunteering on behalf of service members and veterans through community service, advocacy, and education.” Youth for Troops has a few monthly activities that they host, including a Care Packages for Deployed Troops event, held on the second Monday of every month at the Outlets at Anthem. Volunteers of all ages fill care packages with food and hygiene items that are shipped to our deployed heroes with a total of 3,296 boxes shipped since 2018. In addition to this, Y4T holds a Plastic Mat for Homeless Veterans meeting on the third Tuesday of each month. Volunteers sort and cut plastic bags into strips, and then crochet them into decorative mats that are given to our homeless veterans. Youth for Troops board members are proud members of Arizona Patriot Guard Riders and hold flags at veteran’s events and military funerals and collaborate with Arizona Honor Flight to support WWII, Korean, and Vietnam Veterans. Furthermore, the board will gladly present to schools, clubs, corporate team building, and special events and provide patriotic projects. Email us for our monthly newsletter full of volunteer and sponsor information.

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  • Youth-led 501 (c)(3) supporting veterans and deployed service members
  • Family-friendly community service projects
  • Presentations at schools, organizations, churches, and businesses
  • Provides patriotic team building opportunities
  • Care Packages for Deployed Troops, Plastic Mats for Homeless Veterans, and Flag Lines for Patriotic Events and Funerals


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