Making Your Business More Efficient by Hiring Veterans

When you own a business, you want what's best for your company. That's why you carefully hand select your employees so you have a staff that optimizes production and makes the workplace an overall better place. One way to hire the right employees is to choose veterans. The Southwest Veterans Chamber of Commerce has some tips to get you started.

Skills Veterans Bring to the Table

While you may be helping a veteran get back on their feet, these individuals can also help your business. For one, while in the service, veterans learn leadership skills. They were taught the importance of teamwork and how to communicate effectively. As they trained in the armed services, they had to work in high-stress situations.  

Positions Veterans Excel At

Although the relevance of hiring veterans is apparent, you might question what position is most suited for a veteran you hire. If a veteran has an information technology (IT) background, they could become your business manager

If there isn’t a clear job match, consider letting the veteran float and take on different responsibilities at your business. From their military experience, veterans can adapt easily and are trainable. Plus, the additional exposure can help you both to find a position that is a good fit for your new employee.

Helping Veterans Grow and Succeed 

A veteran might need a bit of help adjusting, especially if this is their first civilian job since leaving the armed services. Ideally, you should provide structure so the individual knows their responsibilities and your expectations. Make sure you specify what needs to be done. 

A veteran is used to taking orders and having specific tasks that need to be completed. You may want to create a clear position description so there is no doubt about what you expect from your veteran employee. Once you create the document, simply turn your Word to a PDF with a free conversion tool so that you can provide both a printed and digital copy for easy reference.

Feel free to train this individual for the most-needed positions at your company. After spending time in the armed services, this person has been trained to handle stressful situations. As a result, the veteran will likely adapt well to where you need them.

Benefits for Your Business 

While any person with skills and dedication will help your business, hiring a veteran comes with a unique benefit, such as tax credits. Specifically, you could receive an unemployment credit or a Wounded Warriors Tax Credit for hiring a vet. 

Some examples of when you could claim hiring a veteran on your taxes are if any of the following applies:


Start Off on the Right Foot 

You could also receive tax advantages if you form a limited liability company (LLC) to run your business. Additionally, when you form an LLC, you'll have less paperwork. If you're unsure how to start the process, consider forming an LLC through an online formation service. You'll avoid attorney's fees when you do it yourself online. Be sure to review the laws in your state for forming an LCC so you remain compliant with regulations.

Better Your Business, Hire a Veteran

There are many reasons to hire a veteran at your company. These individuals put their lives on the line to serve our country. Helping them transition back into civilian life is the least we can do. Plus, by hiring a veteran, you'll have a team member who's easy to train and can handle stressful situations. And you might even receive a tax break. 

Membership in the Southwest Veterans Chamber of Commerce offers invaluable benefits to entrepreneurs in our community. Join us today!