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Healing Arizona Veterans uses donations to sponsor the treatment of military veterans suffering from wartime TBI and PTSD, utilizing Hyperbaric Oxygen and adjunctive therapies at private facilities.

Healing Arizona Veterans provides funding for treatment of veterans at two privately owned and operated, six-person HBOT chamber locations, one in Tucson (NorthStar Hyperbaric) and another in Cave Creek (HBOT of Arizona). These two large-capacity chambers can treat close to 300 patients annually. Other providers will be added as the need for treatment grows.

Healing Arizona Veterans (HAV) will use donations to pay to treat veterans at these privately operated HBOT facilities. The costs to fully treat a veteran are $12,000 (80 sessions at $150 per session). HAV will begin treating veterans as the donations come in. HAV will track cost and clinical indicators, before and after the treatment, utilizing mainly objective measures (MRI-DTI, Thermograms, Sleep patterns, and others). After the first 50 veterans are treated, the results will be compiled and made available to current and future donors to demonstrate the returns they are receiving for their donations. All HAV Board members and staff are volunteers. As such, 96% of all donations are used for treatment.

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Patients in an HBOT chamber
HBOT chamber at NorthStar Hyperbaric
Veterans treated through April 2020