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Everyone has good and bad days. If your bad days outnumber the good or you're not able to shake off the ups and downs, it's time to utilize resources to shift your outcome.
At True Life Harmony, we focus on Trauma based Hypnotherapy. A trauma to you may not be a trauma to someone else. In all cases, the trauma affects the person who struggles to cope on a regular basis, or realizes something is just not right with their daily life.
You may not think what you went through was trauma or that it wasn't that bad. You might even think it's silly or not that important because so many people have it worse.
Trauma comes in many forms, not just physical and mental abuse or accidents which change your life. There are many other types of trauma which may have played a role in your life, such as: abandonment, bullying, being expected to take on adult roles at a young age, being left alone regularly, being a witness to abuse, being raised by abused parents who dealt with it inappropriately, being told you're not good enough, or you'll never amount to anything. Also, events which shaped you later in life.
It's time to invest in you! Update thoughts from the past which hold you back in the present. If you've ever read a self development book? Been inspired by a video to take different actions? Hypnotherapy is the ultimate investment in your thoughts to shift from being held ransom to complete freedom! Call today!

Trauma affects the person who struggles to cope on a regular basis, regardless of the severity. Free yourself from the past, increase your focus, motivation, and confidence.


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